Exclusivity, comfort, warm hospitality, an air of romance and a consummate dedication to the wellness of our guests - among other quintessential elements that constitute a holistic and memorable travel experience - bring distinction to Prana Hotels & Resorts as the ultimate destination for travellers.

At Prana Hotels & Resorts, our commitment is to stay synonymous with intuitive service delivered with gracefulness and meticulous attention to detail. 


Prana Resort Nandana is slated to open in 2015


Our Concept

Situated in the most idyllic of locations, our resorts and hotels offer a quiet respite from the bustle of modern life. With the tropical spirit of Koh Samui in Thailand and historic charm of Antalya in Turkey as background, Prana Hotels & Resorts' exclusive enclaves are designed to pamper guests with welcoming service and delightful cuisine while giving them an authentic taste of local tradition.