Dining at Begonia Restaurant, Antalya

Begonia Restaurant

“Flavours that warm the heart”

For a taste of international cuisine and authentic Turkish tradition, dine at Begonia and indulge in the hearty and exquisite flavours of local cuisine amidst a warm, relaxed atmosphere with attentive service.

Begonia’s a la carte menu features a wide selection of Turkish favorites that are prepared using fresh ingredients and timeless recipes. Start your delightful meal with a traditional mezze platter, a cheese platter with walnuts and Bryndza cheese, or artichoke heart perfumed with lemon, herbs and parmesan. Then, savour succulent main course selections from specially marinated grilled meats and seafood to sumptuous casseroles. The restaurant’s gastronomic highlights also include gourmet sandwiches and pasta, as well as desserts that will complete every heartwarming meal on a sweet note. During the hotel’s peak periods, an international breakfast buffet is prepared for all guests.

Opening hours: 7:30am to 10:00pm daily