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Koh Samui Beach Villas, Koh Samui Resorts and Beach Hotel Samui


Welcome to Prana Beach Villas, a serene resort hideaway tucked amidst the sun-kissed beauty of Koh Samui, where relaxed island life meets modern-day leisure along one of the most enviable stretches of beach on the northern coast of Samui.

This intimate boutique resort is a retreat from city life, blessed with glowing white sand, pristine blue waters, fragrant frangipani trees and swaying palms, creating an idyllic ambience perfect for spending unhurried days in seaside relaxation.











Perfect Retreat from the Outside World
Higher State of Relaxation in the Beach

Beach Villa Koh Samui

beach hotels samuiPrana Beach Villas is located on the idyllic tropical island of Koh Samui, and offers one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Island life runs at a leisurely pace while the sunshine and peaceful ocean breeze warms the landscape with natural beauty. The crystal-blue waters invite relaxation while the white sandy beaches massage your toes. As a small boutique resort, we can offer our guests the perfect retreat from the outside world. We are set amid a lush environment of tropical vegetation, with the fragrant smell of frangipani trees subtly inspiring the senses. It is this atmosphere that makes our hotel popular among wedding guests. For looking for the ideal venue for a wedding, koh samui beach villas and koh samui hotels offer a fantastic option.

As for our rooms, we provide a boutique elegance that is unrivaled by our peers, providing an environment of tranquility and peace. We offer guests several different levels of accommodation, some with a beach view, others with a garden view, and most desired of all, the Prana Suite, which includes spacious living quarters, an expansive sundeck, and a private pool facility. Available to all our guests, our room service offer and hotel staff stand ready to ensure that our guests feel pampered and well-cared for.

For guests who would like to venture beyond the resort area, Koh Samui offers an exciting range of activities for travelers, including beautiful scenery of the mountains and shoreline, friendly locals, and a wide range of adventure activities. These include scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, sailing and hiking. For active social activities, there is a full moon party each month, and the nearby community offers numerous restaurants and pubs for guests to enjoy their nights out.

If you are looking for the ideal samui beach resorts and beach hotels, samui offers many fine options, and we welcome you to the Prana Beach Villas.

Koh Samui Resort

samui beach resort.jpgAs part of our many luxury offers available to resort guests and travelling customers, our resort includes the Spa on the Beach, a service that includes soothing massages delivered by a team of service-oriented massage professionals. Give yourself a special treat, and delve into a deep soothing massage that brings you to a higher state of relaxation, while enjoying the surrounding environment of Thailand’s natural beauty. Our facilities are meticulously clean, our staff is highly attentive, and the ambiance is second to none.

Many travelers to the island look for a special koh samui detox, samui special spa treatment and massage samui-style. With that in mind, one of our featured offers is a honey mango scrub, using locally-sourced honey and mango. This sweet-smelling experience rejuvenates your skin and, combined with raw sugar, gives you a full body exfoliation while relaxing the muscles. Another popular offer combines an expert massage session with the cooling sensation of aloe vera gel. While this treatment is popular especially among sunburnt guests, the moisturizing properties of aloe vera will improve your skin’s health while giving you a cool, soothing, and relaxing experience. A broad selection of oil massages and day spa treatments are also available, for both feet-only as well as full body massage customers. After your massage, welcome to join us for a relaxing local-style samui dinner on the beach.

Our spa is open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Please feel free to ask our personnel about spa session options and welcome to make a reservation to secure a session time that is most convenient for your holiday plans. Some special offers may also apply to hotel guests, so please be sure to ask for details. For all guests to Koh Samui, welcome to stop by and discover for yourself how a deep relaxing massage can heighten your holiday experience